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Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Type Time  Speaker Title of the presentation 
Registration desk opening at 8am

                                                    Welcome by Prof. Bernard Jouga 

                               Supélec Associate Director, Research & Industry Partnerships 


 Keynote 1  9am-9.45am Dr.  Bernard Barani European R&D for 5G Sustainable Communications
Keynote 2 9.45am-10.30am Dr. Didier Bourse The Energy Efficiency Challenge in the 5G Infrastructure PPP
 Coffee Break (10.30am-11am)
Talk 1 11am-11.30am Prof. Michela Meo  Toward Sustainable Networking
Talk 2 11.30am-12am Prof. Luiz DaSilva  Energy Efficiency through Resource Sharing in the Wireless Access
Talk 3 12am-12.30pm  Prof. Eryk Dutkiewicz Research Challenges of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing for 5G Networks: How to Achieve Seamless Evolution?
Lunch Break (12.30pm-2pm)
Keynote 3 2pm-3pm Prof. Luis Muñoz  Smart City Demands on Future Wireless Networks 
Talk 4 3pm-3.30pm Prof. Aawatif Hayar   Smart Cities: ICT R&D Challenges and Opportunities
Talk 5 3.30pm-4pm  Dr. Christine Morin Snooze: A Scalable Energy-Efficient IaaS Cloud Management System
Coffee Break (4pm-4.30pm)
Talk 6 4.30pm-5pm Prof. Damien Ernst  The Global Grid
Talk 7 5pm-5.30pm  Dr. Ahmed Zeddam Overview of the ITU-T SG5 activities  
Social Event

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014




Type Time  Speaker Title of the presentation
Registration desk opening at 8am
Keynote 1
9am-10am  Prof. Chunming Wu Lossless Reconfiguration Protocol for Multi-Domain Data Plane in SDN
Coffee Break (10.00am-10.30am)
 Talk 1  10.30am-11am Prof. Xiaolong Yang  On a Mathematical Model for Low-Rate Shrew DDoS Attacks
Talk 2 11am-11.30am Dr. Wenping Deng Fast Routing Convergence in SDN-implemented Architecture
Talk 3 11.30am-12am Dr. Bin Wang

Programming Network via Distributed Control in Software Defined Networks

Talk 4 12am-12.30pm Dr. Shicong Ma An Evolutional Router Virtualization Architecture for FARI
 Summary & Conclusion
Lunch Break (12.35pm-1.30pm)
  Mont Saint Michel Tour (1.30pm-7pm)


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