Vasilis Friderikos





Dr. Vasilis Friderikos, King's College London, UK
Title: Proactive Caching in Virtualized Multi-tenant 5G Networks
Abstract: In 5G systems edge caching of popular content is expected to be a primary technique to increase overall network efficiency as well as increasing user experience. The primary focus of the talk is to outline the area of proactive caching and the role that has to play in emerging vitualized 5G networks. In this setting we will consider caching as an integral part of a Virtual Network Function (VNF) chain and we detail challenges with an emphasis on mobility effects, routing and overall latency. The focus is on providing lower bounds on the performance via linear integer mathematical programming formulations where VNF chains and caching are jointly optimized. Scale free heuristics/greedy algorithms have also been an item of study since the above problems falls within the categories of multi-dimensional bin packing and facility location problems which are NP-hard optimization problems. In addition, the talk will also cover aspects of cache sharing between multiple tenants that will help increase overall network performance as well as energy consumption.
Short bio: Vasilis Friderikos is a Reader at the Department of Informatics at King's College London. His research interests lie broadly within the closely overlapped areas of wireless networking, mobile computing, and architectural aspects of the Future Internet. He has been organizing committee member of the Green Wireless Communications and Networks Workshop (GreeNet) during VTC Spring 2011. He has been track co-chair at the IEEE VTC-2015 Spring, IEEE PIMRC 2013, WWRF-32 and the IEEE WCNC 2010 conference (acting technical program committee member for IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICC and 40 other flagship international conferences over the last 7 years). He has also been teaching advanced mobility management protocols for the Future Internet at the Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique (ISEN) in France during autumn 2010. He has received two times best paper awards in IEEE ICC 2010 and WWRF conferences and published more than 200 papers. He has been visiting researcher at WinLab in Rutgers University (USA) and recipient of the British Telecom Fellowship Award in 2005.