Nicola Marchetti


Dr. Nicola Marchetti, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Title: How Complex Systems Science can help us achieve Green IoT
Abstract: Studies of clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) usually tackle the problems of designing new algorithms and compare them based on a set of properties (e.g. energy efficiency, scalability), lacking the understanding of the underlying mechanisms and communication patterns that lead to these properties. Our approach tackles this lack of understanding by applying techniques developed by complex systems scientists. Functional topology graphs, which describe the interactions between system parts, are used to represent different implementations of clustering in WSNs. We employ a complexity metric - functional complexity (CF) - to quantify the potential of the functional topology to transport information. Our analysis highlights the trade-off between scalability and energy efficiency, showing that higher values of CF indicate higher scalability and lower energy efficiency.
Short bio: Dr. Nicola Marchetti is currently Assistant Professor in Wireless Communications at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He performs his research under the Trinity Information and Complexity Labs (TRICKLE) and the Irish Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications (CONNECT). He received the PhD in Wireless Communications from Aalborg University, Denmark in 2007, and the M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from University of Ferrara, Italy in 2003. He also holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics which he received from Aalborg University in 2010. His collaborations include research projects in cooperation with Nokia Bell Labs and US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, among others. His research interests include Adaptive and Self-Organizing Networks, Complex Systems Science for Communication Networks, PHY Layer, Radio Resource Management. He has authored 110 journals and conference papers, 2 books and 7 book chapters, holds 2 patents, and received 4 best paper awards.