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Tentative Program

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Monday 17/09/2018

Session Speaker Title
Welcome from Conference Chair Prof. Tim O'Farrell (09:00–09:15)
Rahim Tafazolli
(University of Surrey)
5G: Any Service, Any Cast
(Not more of the same thing)

Energy Efficiency in 5G
David Lopez Perez
(Nokia Bell Labs)
The Future of Wireless Networks:
More Cells, More Bandwidth and More Antennas
Magnus Olsson
(Huawei Technologies Sweden)
Energy Efficiency in 5G:
Challenges and Opportunities
Maziar Nekovee
(University of Sussex)
Machine Learning and AI for
5G/beyond 5G Telecom Networks
Mehrdad Dianati
(University of Warwick)
A Case for Connected Autonomy and
Implications for 5G Systems
Lunch Break (12:20–13:05)

Energy Harvesting
Aylin Yener
(Pennsylvania State University)
Foundations of Energy Harvesting and
Energy Cooperating Communications
Sennur Ulukus
(University of Maryland)
Age of Information in
Energy Harvesting Communications
Michela Meo
(Politecnico di Torino)
Toward Sustainable Networks
Afternoon Break (14:35–15:00)
Industry Panel
Student Session, Introduction, Jaafar Elmirghani (16:30–17:00)
Workshop Dinner (18:30–22:00)


Tuesday 18/09/2018

Session Speaker Title
Merouane Debbah
(Huawei Technologies France)
Machine Learning for Green Wireless

Artificial Intelligence in EE
Miguel Rio
(University College London)
Learning how to Internetwork
Vasilis Friderikos
(Kings College London)
Proactive Caching in
Virtualized Multi-tenant 5G Networks
Coffee Break (10:45–11:15)

Green IoT
Jamil Khan
(University of Newcastle, Australia)
Sustainable Green IoT Network Framework for the
Large Scale Outdoor Deployments
Nicola Marchetti
(Trinity College Dublin)
How Complex Systems Science can help us
achieve Green IoT
Leila Musavian
(University of Essex)
How Low Latency Requirement Shapes the Tradeoff between System Energy Consumption and Achievable Rate
Lunch Break (12:45–13:30)

New Frontiers
Dimitra Simeonidou
(University of Bristol)
Architecture and Challenges for
Generalised Network Convergence
Harald Haas
(University of Edinburgh)
LiFi - High Speed Wireless Networking
using Nano-Meter Waves
Jaafar Elmirghani
(University of Leeds)
Greening big data IoT networks:
Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and the like
PhD Student Session (15:45–16:45)
Closing Statement (Prof. Tim O'Farrell) & End of Workshop (16:45–17:00)
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