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Next-GWiN Special Sessions

What happens when we use the word green today? Where does it take us? What kinds of questions does it allow us to pose and what kinds of problems does it enable us to perceive?

Words such as green are like shuttles that carry us between accepted domains of expertise and knowledge in the course of our research. Lifting the green shuttle off its established tracks every now and then enables us to attend to other, perhaps more urgent, routes for wireless network research.
The aim of the special sessions at this years’ Next-GWIN Workshop is to generate conversation, prompted by a debate, and to share insights, prompted by student presentations, on where green is currently taking us and where, or how, we might orient it next.
We understand that making and managing green communications involves many challenges. It is through the special sessions this year that we hope to identify relevant issues and pathways for research that have been overlooked. It is important to extend efforts to take into account the many complex phases of production involved in wireless infrastructures, from the raw materials and resources (including human) used in hardware fabrication, to energy consumption, to electronic waste, and more. We hope that, as a result of the special sessions this year, the design of future networks will be acknowledged as a transdisciplinary task.
Our overall purpose is to set in motion a candid questioning of green so that we may more strongly imagine, design and implement ethical and ecological communication networks for a livable future.


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